We've Got Tonight

We've Got Tonight:

The Life and Times of

Notorious Groupie

Alycen Rowse

Who Am I?

Born August 29th, 1970, I happily left my small Missouri town in 1985 at the age of 15 only to be swept away for life. It was then I ascended into Salt Lake City, Utah and unwittingly became one of the reigning under-age rock chicks that helped make SLC the groupie capital of the 1980's.
"It was like a town full of rebellious preacher's daughters." is how Lars Ulrich of Metallica described the Utah backstage scene.
"The best girls are in Salt Lake City!" declared Chris Holmes of 80's metal giants WASP in the movie Decline of Western Civilization, Part 2. Which just happened to be filmed at the height of SLC groupie phenomena.
 I was part of what became known (in the 1980's) as The Salt Lake City Welcoming Committee. We were a group of girls from all different directions in the valley that were drawn together through our free spirited adventures and love for the music. While most other girls our age were worried about their reputations and graduating, The SLCWC threw caution to the wind and ran amuck in a world that chose little responsibilty. Together, and in 6 inch heels, we pursued a rock and roll life and took control of our own desires.
 As a groupie, I shunned the role of the adoring, bedded girl and took the habit of being a cunning seductress that beat some of the most seasoned rockers at their own game. I played on my own terms, set out to meet my chosen rockers eye to eye and got way more than I bargained for! Quickly becoming a driving force in the SLC scene (and beyond), I have been described as "Queen of the Scene" by many of the rockers and roadies that have seen me grow up.
After 17 years of living in the rock world, I awoke to find John Entwistle, phenomenal bassist of  the legendary rock band, The Who, had passed away next to me in bed. It was among the saddest days in  rock and it changed so many people, incuding myself, forever. 
It also left me in the impossible position of being part of not only rock and roll history but also an infamous part of Las Vegas' own notorious past. Thus leading me to make quite an unexpected decision (years later) to finally tell my whole story and open myself back to a public that wasn't so nice in the face of their beloved legend's death.
My story is in no way limited to the 80's or Salt Lake City, yet stretches far beyond and twists through several cities. I have over two and a half decades of first hand rock and roll stories filled with debauchery, friendships, broken hearts, laughter and lost panties and to this day, still haunt the backstage hallways of exclusive rockers.
In my upcoming book, "We've Got Tonight: The Life and Time of Notorious Groupie, Alycen Rowse", I recall many of those wild and welcoming evenings, move around the country to conquer the scene in other cities and land smack dab in the middle of many rock and roll historical moments. What you think may be the typical Back Lounge Betty story promises to keep you guessing and hopefully will leave you with a little nostalgic smile.
So, stay here to find out who I really am and introduce yourself to me. Ask me any question as long as it doesn't involve the words Almost Famous and tell us your stories. After all, rock and roll was always about meeting new people in places you never dreamed existed!